Even when most gaming enthusiasts are it’s trying to enjoy the best games in 2016, it becomes a bit challenging not to get excited at the gaming indulgences available in the coming year. Whether the games have just been released or are perhaps to be released, there is a broad spectrum of games out there that are worth the time and money. Below are some of the Games coming 2017, that you should consider for your unique gaming time:


When this particular version of the Legend of Zelda arrives in 2017, the game will be celebrating well over three decades of existence. The added benefit is that this game is not only available on the Nintendo Wii U, but also the trendy NX version, which is regarded as re-incarnation of the NES version that was released years ago. According to , the Breath of the wild focuses on a world beleaguered with monsters and dead creatures. The protagonist character is tasked with saving the queen’s daughter from slavery in the neighboring region.


This game is finally available after well over a decade of preparation with it being available for both the Sony PlayStation 3 and 4 as well. The game is due for release in early February and its primarily a role playing game that involves high school students with supernatural powers in a stylized world. The game embodies a dramatic alteration in tone as compared to its predecessors. To be specific, Persona and 4 are more focused on unusual situations, and black ops ghost fighters and Japanese man on a mission to the solve a case. However, Persona 5 focuses on some intriguing cat burglars.


This version of the game God of War focuses on Kratos who is the protagonist and is on a mission to conquer Norse. More so, this version is regarded as the fourth release in the series and by far the most interesting version as well.

It seems like Kratos is trying to control his ever-growing rage and he acts a role model for a young boy with exceptional lightning manipulation prowess.

The added benefit is that this version of the game is a more balanced in that characters get to engage in a broad spectrum of combat and quiet situations for an immersive experience.


Finally, when all points are taken into consideration, the realms of the gaming world keep on improving and games keep on being released every year. While the sequel games tend to be highly intriguing, the other version of games tends to exciting as well. For this reason, an excellent recommendation for you would be to try out the games mentioned above for your gaming needs.